We are all aware that acting in a accountable, sustainable manner is the only way to future growth. Let’s explore how our innovative packaging, equipment and services solutions bring you value, while preserving our valuable natural resources.

Consumers want sustainable packaging

Looking at the entire product lifecycle when choosing a package is very important for Crediton Dairy.

Think locally

The small-scale, home-grown movement has emerged globally in the last decade... are you seizing your local power?

Are your products good for business and the planet?

‘Good for me, good for the planet’ is the mantra for more and more consumers. They buy sustainable products, even if they cost more, and expect brands and companies to also care for the planet. Find out how to measure up in the age of me, us and our planet.

Save 95% of your water

The Tetra Pak®Water Filtering Station for the Tetra Pak® A3 platform removes impurities and returns up to 95% of clean water to the system.

OneStep technology: to more efficient milk production

By removing the multiple steps of pasteurisation and intermediate storage, and reduced need for Cleaning in Place (CIP), producers can now prepare UHT milk from powder in one continuous step, reducing operational cost by up to 40 percent, and cutting carbon impact by more than a half.

Renewable, recyclable, remarkable

Manufactured solely from paperboard and plastics derived from plants, the Tetra Rex® Bio-based package is the world’s first renewable carton package.

Caps from sugar cane

Lower CO2 emissions by up to 19% when changing to Bio-based caps produced from sugar cane

Light weight, a heavy argument

Tetra Recart®, the first ever carton-based package for retortable food, is a great alternative to cans and glass jars.

eBeam – Sterilisation at the speed of light

Tetra Pak® E3 sterilises packages with electron beams

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