Making life on-the-go a little easier

Consumers are living busier lives than ever, as schedules become more hectic with to-do lists that cannot be postponed or set aside. What solutions are available to help make life that little bit stress-free and easier to manage?

Simply made for me

People are spending more hours out of the home, either at work, or on different hobbies and activities. They thus want products and services that will help make life that little bit easier and are willing to pay more for them. For instance, think wearable tech that tracks health, programmable household appliances – for example, auto-brewed fresh coffee to start off the day, or even appliances that auto-reorder when supplies are low. Look to automation and AI to help you play a bigger role in delivering convenience to people where they want it and when they want it.

Always available, as of now

Facing a vast and ever-growing array of options and choices have influenced how, when and where consumers interact with brands. Digital has disrupted shopping as we know it. Consumers, using various digital platforms count on easy access to goods and services, whenever they need it. In this on-demand economy, they expect brands to provide quick solutions, irrespective of time, geography, or distance.

To keep up with the trend, consider how to prioiritze fast, simple and frictionless solutions, delivered at just the right time. Think multiple platform grocery shopping, with home delivery or in-store pick-up, or meal kits.

Healthy alternatives, the opportunity at hand

With more time spent away from home, activities like preparing and eating meals at ‘regular’ times or in ‘regular’ places is becoming rarer. Many people eat and drink while on the move, or resort to snacking options to fill a gap; however, they still desire to eat healthy and nutritious food.

To leverage this trend, look to simple, healthy flavours in packages and portions that fit different occasions. They should be portable, easy to hold and eat/drink from, and reclosable. Think ‘portable, easy-to-eat meals or snacks’ such as fruit smoothies, protein shakes, or cold-brew coffee on the go.


of consumers are searching for convenient solutions


eat or drink something on the go every week


of consumers are willing to spend money to save time

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