Leverage global data

Condition monitoring of servo motors is one way to predict and prevent production breakdowns in operations. Sensors on Tetra Pak® A3 equipment send real-time data to our central Performance Management Centre where our experts analyze and cross-reference data patterns against thousands of other connected lines. When a problem is detected, the Performance Management Centre sends alerts to our technicians in the field, who plan maintenance together with our customers.

“With Condition Monitoring, we not only avoided direct loss, we avoided the hassle triggered by a breakdown.”

- European Dairy Producer

Decrease downtime

Condition Monitoring is already saving our customers time and money. In the initial six-month period running Condition Monitoring on 11 lines we have predicted and prevented breakdowns in 5 of eleven lines.

Goodbye downtime

48 h

Eliminate up to
48 hours of downtime


Save up to £25,000
(€29,000) with planned repairs

30 min

Is all it takes
to change parts

“Without Condition Monitoring, I would have lost 36 to 48 hours of production.”

- Customer in Europe

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