Eating out-of-home: A delicious development

Out-of-home eating is a growing trend – hotels, restaurants and cafés (HORECAs) can almost be considered the new ‘home kitchen’. This trend also affects ordering food in. So, which are the trends the HORECA industry should be aware of? How can packaging, as service tools, help HORECAs deliver faster, smarter and better service experiences to consumers? Read on, and we’ll give you a few pointers.

Catering to a busy lifestyle

Time is a crucial commodity for today’s consumer, and they’re looking for ways to simplify their busy lives. Coffee shops and restaurants are responding to this trend by providing practical meal solutions. Large-size packages combine ease-of-use with efficient handling, enabling HORECA employees to deliver quicker service. As a result, they can fulfil more consumer orders in a shorter time.

Demanding Sustainable Packaging

Consumers may seem to be all about speed and convenience. But more than ever, they are also concerned about sustainability and the environment, and demand the same from brands. HORECAs can embrace this demand by utilizing large-size packages that are not only made from renewable materials and have trusted certification, but also fold flat to minimize bin space, and lend themselves to efficient disposal.


of consumers are looking for ways to simplify their lives


of consumers are happy to pay more for food and beverage packaging that are easy to use


of consumers prefer ready meals since they don’t have the time to cook and ready meals are more convenient.


of U.S respondents are more likely to say they eat breakfast at an out-of-home dining establishment, than the global average (16%)


of consumers prefer food & beverage packaging that is easy to use


of consumers are searching for convenient solutions

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