Sterilisation at the speed of light

Tetra Pak® E3 reduces operational cost by up to 20%

The new Tetra Pak® E3 combines Tetra Pak® A3 and Tetra Pak® C3 for ambient and chilled production. Tests show that a capacity increase to 40,000 portion packages per hour results in up to 20% lower operational costs.

Better for the environment

eBeam is an alternative way to sterilise using the energy of electrons to kill microorganisms on packaging material. In field tests, eBeam has delivered energy savings of up to one third by eliminating the need to heat and dry hydrogen peroxide.

Less water, less waste

It also simplifies the water recycling process and reduces packaging and product waste as there is no need to discard packages following a stop in production.

Increase production flexibility

Tetra Pak E3 is a modular system that enables customers to adapt the same machines to produce both pasteurised and extended shelf-life products. The new platform is designed to be upgradable by means of eBeam kits with different sterilisation capabilities.

Maximize equipment investment

Customers with a Tetra Pak® E3/CompactFlex for pasteurised products can adapt it to produce extended shelf-life products. Using the same machine for different types of product gives maximum benefit from equipment investment.



portion packs
per hour in certain conditions


cost reduction
in certain conditions to qualify

“Between 2011 and 2014, we produced 110 million Tetra Brik® Aseptic 1000 Slim packages for our UHT milk. Since starting production with eBeam, we have saved around 30% on energy consumption.”

Peter Novorolnik. Plant Manager, Rajo, Slovakia’s leading dairy producer

See how Tetra Pak E3 can save you money.


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