Experience the insperience generation

Gen X is staying home, but loving it! This big-spending generation is looking for ‘insperiences’. Find out how to give them something worth staying home for.

Experience ‘insperience’

A busy life of adventure and experience has turned into a desire for ‘insperiences’ for this go-getter generation. Now in the prime of their lives – aged 35 to 54 – Generation Xers are re-creating experiences from the outside world into ‘insperiences’ at home. We’re talking home theatres, gourmet meals prepared at home and café-style coffee machines in the kitchen. Tap into the trend with a focus on at-home consumption and premium products that build memorable experiences.

Forever young

Gen X may be independent and self-reliant, but paradoxically they aren’t quite ready to grow older. Many are deeply conscious about their physical health and general wellbeing and look for products to improve both. About 60% of Gen Xers actively use food and drinks to improve their health. They seek out foods and drinks containing supplements and vitamins, such as fortified yoghurts. They see this as a tasty way to keep fit and improve appearance.

Greed isn’t good, quality is better

As children and adolescents during the 1980s, the ‘greed is good’ decade left its mark on Gen X. Those days are over, but Xers still demand quality. They seek tailor-made experiences and enjoy a novelty aspect to their purchases. These value-seekers rate quality as the top factor in their food and beverage brand decisions. Think durable, high-quality and trusted brands to appeal to Gen X. They look for premium, yet affordable offerings, like organic wine sold in a carton, for quality and value without compromise.

Family first

Family dominates the lives of Gen Xers. The majority are married and have children living at home. Nearly 40% spend up to an hour a day preparing the evening meal and most will more often cook at home than eat out. Not surprisingly, purchasing habits of Gen Xers are home and family-oriented, with a focus on family in both their product and package choices. This provides a market opportunity for family packs and easy handling solutions for the whole family. With family health to consider, this generation puts a premium on natural, locally produced and ‘home-made’ products.


eat foods
that provide essential nutrients


actively monitor
what they eat to manage weight

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