Why fit in when you can stand out

Consumers don’t see themselves as part of the mass market anymore. Instead they want ‘made-for-me’ products that represent their personality. Find out how ‘chosen individualism’ is influencing what and how people buy.

Only for me

The days of mass production are fading. Think of the popularity of everything from build-your-own burgers and salads to tailored travel experiences. Consumers seek out customised products and will pay more for the experience.

The power of personality

Consumers are seeking to distinguish themselves from others through their purchases and they want products that reflect their identity. Consider new shapes, limited releases, special releases and exclusive packaging design to give products personality.

Put a name on it

Purchasing something made especially for you is growing in popularity and we’re seeing it with the personalisation of products. Expect to see more and more personalisation as digital printing allows easier and cheaper production of smaller batches across fast-moving consumer goods.

Express yourself

Most Millennials consider themselves to be creative and this drives the desire for self-expression through products and purchases. Use creative and innovative package shapes and designs to attract these consumers.


of shoppers spend money
on personalising a product or experience


like limited-edition
or special-release packaging

Find out more about cartons with

unique shapes

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