Are your products good for business and the planet?

‘Good for me, good for the planet’ is the mantra for more and more consumers. They buy sustainable products, even if they cost more, and expect brands and companies to also care for the planet. Find out how to measure up in the age of me, us and our planet.

Good for me, good for our planet

These days most consumers are environmentally-conscious and this influences what they buy and how they shop. The whole consumer experience must look, feel and be environmentally responsible. This translates into a growing demand for organic, nutritious and locally grown products, along with pressure for ethical production and sustainable packaging. Think about how you can give consumers products that make it easier for them to do the right thing by the planet.

Behaving ‘’environmentally’’

It’s increasingly important for companies to pay attention to their impact on the planet. Most consumers expect the brands and companies they buy from to share their environmental concerns, and act accordingly. Many consumers will actively avoid a product or brand they don’t believe measures up environmentally. More than half of all consumers try to buy products from brands that act responsibly, even if it means spending more.

Packaging for the planet

Interest in environmentally sound packaging has skyrocketed, with more than half of all consumers identifying it among their top five important packaging attributes. Around the world one in two shoppers actively checks environmental information on packaging before buying a product. Demonstrate your commitment to the planet with recyclable packages and those made primarily from renewable raw materials.

Show your environmental attitude

Opportunities exist for brands to reach out to the increasing number of environmentally-conscious consumers. Go for a package with strong environmental credentials to support your company’s sustainable positioning and brand image. Packages with a high proportion of renewable raw material can help build on your brand’s environmental perception. Communicating your company’s environmental actions and initiatives with honesty and clarity wins respect and can ultimately increase sales.


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