Keeping up the pace with tomorrow.

Change happens so fast nowadays that what’s ‘in’ at the beginning of one year could be ‘out’ by its end. In a growing and crowded marketplace with shifting sands, brands that don’t keep up with consumers risk losing share of mind, market, and wallet. So, how can brands stay forever young and relevant to a constantly-changing consumer base?

Walk your talk- authenticity rules!

These days, it can be tough to stop a brand from aging too quickly. There’s a new fad every minute, and one brand’s successful tactic may fail for another. However, in an age of distrust, one trait that consumers resonate with is authenticity. An ‘authentic’ brand is honest and transparent. So, be real with your consumers. Clearly communicate your brand’s identity and purpose. For example, who are you? What are your values? What ingredients do you use? How do you source them? Is your packaging sustainable? Show them how the product gets from you to them. Consumers love when you pull back the curtain and let them get to know, connect and engage with you, and you with them.

New generation, new rules of engagement.

Understand that the playing field has changed. Forever. It’s time to welcome a new generation of shoppers. Today’s young people (tomorrow’s workforce, influencers, and big spenders) shop very differently from the generations before them. For one thing, they choose a brand based on its expressed values, rather than its price tag. They are also immune to obvious marketing tactics such as ads, banners and newsletters. So, how do you catch their attention? In addition to being open and transparent, it also pays to be relevant. In other words, ‘are you solving their problems or making life meaningful?’ Stay relevant by adapting to the currentneeds of your consumers, i.e., keep finding new ways to deliver value, or continually innovate and disrupt how they buy.

Embrace youthfulness.

‘Forever young’ is not just a song! It’s an attitude and an expression. Staying relevant to today (and tomorrow’s) consumers means staying in step with them while not leaving yourself behind. How to express a forever-young attitude? Find the optimal point where you provide novelty and appeal, but are still recognizable to your consumers. For example, inject elements of youthfulness and fun into your brand and speak their language. Find fresh and unique ways to engage with and meet their needs. Innovate the parts of your brand that they see – for instance, your product, your messaging and your packaging. Packaging is perhaps one of the simplest ways to update. Consider sleek, long lines, bright, cheery coloursand designs, and sensuous shapes that echo art, architecture, and even nature.

Maintaining brand relevance is the key to remaining valuable to your customers and staying ahead in a competitive market.


of consumers want to support companies with a strong purpose


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