Let’s make it personal: the power of customisation

More and more, we are living in the age of ‘one’ and building a culture of ‘me.’ Almost everything we interact with is geared towards providing experiences that are made just for us. How can brands stake a claim in this new terrain of “just for me”?

Think personalisation – make it to fit me

Consumers increasingly expect brands to develop and deliver a personalised experience that meets their tastes, desires, and preferences. They want to be addressed as individuals and not as statistics. This expectation has given rise to a culture of ‘me’ where brands are expected to provide closer interaction and attention to detail. This is becoming vital to business success. Although the culture of ‘me’ sounds individualistic, surprisingly, it is also associated with social values and attitudes, i.e., being responsible citizens. Consumers want retailers to provide innovative, yet affordable product offering with the right quality, and with low impact on the environment.


How to tap into this trend? Use detailed data and broad-level information to uncover insights into your consumers’ ‘why’s and how’s’. Then provide means of self-expression and identification. You could also offer a personal touch either through unique experiences or package designs that catch the eye. Remember that packaging is a mini-billboard, a great way to resonate and engage!

Add Value – make me feel something special

Cluttered store shelves make it difficult for brands and retailers to stand out and connect with consumers. At the same time, consumers want more than just a basic transaction from the brands they use. So, how to link the two? Consider how to add more value. For example, you can add greater value to consumers either through multisensory experiences, services or design, making them feel, or experience something special. How can you deliver this? Try different, out of the ordinary, packaging materials. Stimulate the senses or play with visual illusions to surprise, engage and convey a feeling of specialness.

Act sustainably – make it good for me and the planet

Consumers expect brands to meet their needs when, how and where they want. But they also expect them to be responsible for their actions and ensure that their products are environmentally smart and kind to the planet. So how can brands show that they are meeting these expectations? Express your brand values by choosing natural, renewable and/or responsibly-sourced materials for your packaging. To further highlight this choice, add clear on-pack messages which are visible at a glance and make it simple for consumers to pick the product which meets their expectations.


Personalisation creates opportunities to differentiate from competition and can attract not only a price premium but also improve consumer traffic and conversion.


of consumers want to be treated as individuals and not statistics

1 in 4

consumers are willing to pay more for a personalised product or service


of consumers search for brands that fit their personality


of global respondents are willing to pay more for products and services from companies that are committed to positive social and environmental impact

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