Looking at the shape of things to come

The retail landscape has experienced its share of change in the last decade, and the sector is only going to get more agile and competitive. This means that consumers have more products to choose from and how and where to purchase them. In what ways can brand owners understand coming changes so they can be attractive and stay relevant?

Keep things interesting

As a brand owner, keeping today’s shoppers happy requires going beyond satisfaction and aiming for delight. The high volume of goods on retail shelves today means that products have to create memorable experiences to keep consumers coming back. So what can brand owners start with? Why not look to packaging as it is often the initial touch point between a brand and the consumer? Packaging makes a significant impact on initial and repeat purchase behaviours. Delighting through packaging design and form can refresh a brand image, add value, reveal new ways to use the product, increase consumption, and yes, please the consumer.

Personalise with variety

Another way to delight consumers is to customise theproduct to their preferences. For instance, think of the fact that consumers love convenience and like to be surprised. As consumption occasions are different, why not offer various portion sizes to meet those needs and surprise with unique package designs? Remember that products are increasingly ordered online, so ensure that packages are robust enough to maintain product quality and attractiveness.

Understand and use local preferences and styles

Brands are always looking for novel ways to stand out. Identifying with your consumers is a great way to do this and also delight them. Consumers like brands and products that convey a feeling of personality and local origin. Discover what’s important to them, what they value and celebrate, then shape your offering with that in mind. For instance, twist your global offerings with a local touch.


Delighting consumers with a winning combination of package design and shape can boost your long-term success.


prefer food & beverage products that have a local connection to its origin


of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when brands offer personalised experiences


say customer experience is an important factor in purchasing decisions

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