Make your package stand out online

Nowadays, it’s not enough to stand out on the shelf. More and more people turn to online peer recommendations before purchasing a product, and 75% of consumers say that they have made a purchase because of something they saw in social media. So how can you differentiate yourself online?

Play on the need to share

The food and beverage industry is uniquely poised to leverage social sharing, with products that are a natural part of consumers’ every life. But what type of products have the most potential to be shared?


Consumers share products and experiences that make them feel good about themselves and make them look good to their peers. Health achievements are popular topics for on-line sharing, with products that support a healthy lifestyle frequently featured. On-the-go sizes and packages with clear health benefits reinforce the image a consumer is trying to project. Sustainable packaging also has a high likelihood of being shared because it shows consumer responsibility.

Thinking of a redesign? Think social.

Packaging design can be a key driver in social sharing. The more personal and unique your product looks and feels, the more likely consumers will share it. Think about using limited-edition, seasonal or special release packages. When re-designing, consider tactile shapes, humorous messaging and unique materials that add a sense of luxury, such as metallic effects. Remember too that social media pictures are small. The packages that stand out best online are those with clear, simple texts and bold graphics.

Build real connections online

Think about social media as a dialogue with your consumers. Encourage them to share pictures of your products by having an active social media presence. Create branded hashtags and follow them closely. Re-post the best pictures shared by consumers, making sure to give them credit. This builds relationships and loyalty, as well as sales, since consumers who see a user-generated photo on their path to purchase have a higher chance of conversion.


of consumers have made a purchase
because they saw it in social media.


of consumers are more likely to purchase
from a brand they follow.

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