Navigating a generation on the move

Experiences over things

Consumers are becoming less and less materialistic and are rather seeking out meaningful experiences to remember. When they do buy things, they want them to be experiential. In this so called “Experience Economy”, brands need to be sure that they are not only selling a product, but a real experience. And it shouldn’t just be a one-off, it should be part of the consumer journey before purchase, online, offline and during consumption.

Capturing the moment

The experience trend is not only about having adventures, it’s also about sharing them. According to Tetra Pak Global Consumer Trend Research 2018, 58% of consumers are looking for new experiences to enrich everyday life. All you have to do is look at social media feeds to see what’s being shared. Where shopping-haul photos once dominated, now we see people “doing life”. Mountain-top selfies, details from boutique hotels and time spent with friends – moments worth sharing on social channels.

In the mood for adventure

Whether it’s a more traditional brand or a totally new one, tapping into the experience trend is something that shouldn’t be missed out on. This could be done through digital experiences or products and packaging that create the same sense of surprise and excitement triggered by experiences.

Packaging the experience

More and more people are on the move with a greater need for food and beverages that not only keep them refreshed and energised, but are also convenient for their on-the-go lifestyle.
Portion sized, simple to open and reseal, perfect to eat or drink on the move and always with a twinkle in the eye. Wherever your customers go, your product will be with them.


of consumers are looking for
new experiences to enrich everyday life


of consumers look for
packaging that enhances their experience of the product*
* Tetra Pak Global Consumer Trend Research 2018

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