High capacity precise ice

Highest capacity. Lowest cost.

The new, high-capacity extrusion line for large scale production of ice cream sticks and sandwiches delivers up to 43,200 pieces per hour against an industry average of 36,000. Efficient freezing and high-precision cutting equipment guarantee a uniform product with identical thickness.

Precise and gentle

The line contains a newly-developed dip and transfer unit that allows a gentle and precise dipping as well as a careful and error-free lay-off to the wrapper, resulting in minimal product waste.

Industry’s lowest running costs

When the line runs at full capacity, it delivers the lowest operational costs and environmental impact in the industry. It increases production by 60% and reduces manpower by 40%, responding to the growing global demand for ice cream. Payback time can be as little as 3 months.

"This new solution allows customers to increase production volumes, while delivering the same high quality at a significantly reduced cost per product.”

Peter Lindstrom, Ice Cream Category Director at Tetra Pak.



increase in production
and reduces manpower by 40%


pieces per hour
with the new line


handled without changing equipment


different coatings
handled without changing equipment

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