Optimizing value along the supply chain

Increasing urbanisation, evolving consumer demands, and new technologies are converging to disrupt the retail supply chain as we know it. How can food retailers drive efficiencies along the supply chain while still providing seamless consumer experiences?

Create efficiency through new channels

To keep up with consumers’ growing expectation for convenience and speed, retailers are developing new capabilities, differentiating their physical networks (with smaller store formats), and reshaping value chains. Additional pressures from digital channel players and new technologies are driving the need to create efficiencies where possible. Look to areas such as handling, storage and transportation for savings through pallet efficiency. Consider smarter formats that increase packages per pallet, thereby minimizing logistics costs down the chain.

Drive value through shelf impact

Although traditional big-store formats are shrinking, brick and mortar stores will still be relevant worldwide. In-store, focus will be on categories not easily sold online, as well as on products that offer differentiation and immediacy. With consumers looking for novelty in their purchase journey, products will need to stand out and catch the eye. For grocery, consider slim and long packages that stand tall and elegant on the shelf, with space for brand expression. Combine this with responsible packages, i.e., lighter in weight and that allow to reduce waste overall.

Physical store formats will change and shrink but still exist
Packaging needs to be robust and fit for one touch replenishment purposes
More shoppers are basing decisions on responsible packaging

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