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Around the world, cafés, hotel rooms and shopping centres can all look the same. Globalisation has enriched our lives in many ways, but there’s a renaissance in small-scale, local and authentic. Check out how to be part of the local power movement.

Close to home

Farmers markets, artisan cheeses, locally sourced produce in restaurants, boutique hotels, vegetable boxes delivered straight from farm to home. They are all part of what’s now a well established trend – the local power movement. Consumers have rediscovered and are cherishing local culture and traditions. They want locally grown, like local fruits for juices and regional flavours. Concern over ‘food miles’ is one driving force, but so too the desire to support local producers, be part of their region and enjoy tastier produce. The movement creates new opportunities for food and beverage producers to embrace and market their local ingredients and flavours.

Just like Grandma used to make

Consumers have an urge to find what feels true and authentic. This is leading to the rediscovery of traditional food production and techniques. Looking for authenticity and a deeper understanding, consumers are also going for hand-crafted and traditional products from cultures around the world. For packaging, tap into the trend by using design cues that hint at the past, but with a modern twist, or reminders of the past like hand-written texts or signatures on labels.


Knowing more about where their food comes from, the corporate values of the manufacturer and impact on the environment matter to today’s consumers. Fueling this are a growth in health consciousness and mountains of information available to consumers. For companies to meet consumer demands, look for ways to make the entire journey from farm to fork transparent. A clear local connection makes the origin of food more tangible. Consider how you attribute your products with clear labelling and certification from third parties.

10 tips for your local power package

Try old-fashioned designs, with a modern twist
Showcase locally sourced ingredients
Experiment with regional flavours
Describe the farm-to-home journey
Use hand-written scripts or vintage texts
Consider a signature from the producer
Include place of origin on labels
Highlight endorsements from third parties
State the company’s values and principles
Use shapes within packages to list fruits



of consumers try to shop locally


say locally sourced or manufactured feels trustworthy

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